The registers of Passports  issued in Angra do Heroismo, between  1770 and 1937, are scanned and available for consultation. See button below



Passports issued in the Azores during the period of the Captaincy General (1766-1828), are in the custody of the Archive of  Angra do Heroismo, and the respective records available online.

After 1832, entered into force the system of Civil Governments of Angra, Horta and Ponta Delgada; for this reason, the research should address the respective districts.

For the period of the Civil War (1828-1832) we don't have Passport records.


The documents for each passport process are not scanned; but they are accessible to local consultation, free of charge.
The costs of research work are fixed by Decree No. 18/2011, of March 24:

Appendix to the Decree No 18/2011:
«4 - Service of research
Usually the Regional Archives do not perform research for users, but where this is essential, must charge the following amounts:

a) For an initial period of 30 minutes there is no charges;
b) 1st hour or fraction of 1 hour: 15,00 €;
c) 2nd hour and each following hour or, fraction of 1 hour: 20,00 €.»